According to the 2011 World Report on Disability issued by the World Health Organisation, in 2011, there were 13 million had severe disabled children (0–14 years old) In addition to presenting severe challenges in living and learning ability, child amputees can also suffer from uncoordinated limb movements and an unbalanced body without the benefit of a prosthesis. Through interviews and our previous experience in designing prostheses for amputees in the hospital, we have learned the significance of a prosthesis for child amputees and understood their needs and the demands the prosthesis must cope with.

HanDo is a prosthesis specifically designed for unilateral child amputees aged between 6 and 12 years.Through the modular and flexible design of kits based on learning, sports entertainment, and lifestyle, HanDo relieves the financial distress arising from the frequent replacement of an entire prosthesis. It also aids the daily life of child amputees and satisfies their learning needs at school.

Compared with a traditional prosthesis which requires the entire piece to be replaced, through a smart structural design and the introduction of a tenon, only the socket of the HanDo prosthesis requires replacement. In addition to reducing the financial burden on families, this improvement has also extended the lifespan of the prosthesis. Furthermore, 3D printing technology was adopted in manufacturing the prosthesis and its kit, making the whole process fast, economical, and easily customised. we have designed the modular kits ‘Daily Functional Arm’ and ‘Sports Entertainment Arm’. By interviewing primary school teachers and paediatric occupational therapists, we discovered three problems that child amputees face in daily life and school learning. Based on the results, we designed modular kits in consideration of three aspects of their lives: lifestyle, learning, and sports, And we will keep updating functional hand of kits ,which child amputees in need.

Read prosthetic product information on the website and open an account to save the design and combination of prostheses that children favour. Log in to the app and upload personal preferences on combinations. The app utilises AR technology for parents and children to visualise the appearance of wearing the prosthesis, allowing them to choose a prosthesis together and have a unique buying experience.

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